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Hello guys, you know about the IKEA store, Then you know that it is the largest furniture and home appliance corporation not less than since 2008. IKEA Near Me IKEA is the Swedish founded the multinational group that sells ready to assemble and designing of furniture across the globe and also the home accessories.

Then you guys should know the nearby IKEA Near Me Location or IKEA Headquarters near location to your locality or residential area.

We will provide you with the much-needed information about the IKEA store near you and all the other correct information which will help you find and reach to the IKEA store nearby you.

And for that, you just need to read and go through this post carefully and follow and read all the information of IKEA location throughout. So for finding the location of IKEA store we need to get the proper information about IKEA and IKEA headquarter which is as below.

IKEA Near Me Location


About IKEA

IKEA Corporation is founded by just 17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad in 1942 to sell the ready to assemble furniture items, kitchen appliances, and home items. Who was in 2015 was listed as one of the world’s richest person by whooping US$ 40 billion worth.

IKEA was also very well known for its eco-friendly work and modernity designing. Their headquarters is in Leiden, Netherland. The total number of stores in IKEA is about 411 where the total number of 194 000 give their service to provide good quality of furniture across the globe.

Jesper Brodin is the current CEO of the company, who take care of US$ 40.906 billion revenue and the policies of the IKEA corporation. They have lowered their price by about 2% from about 2010 during global expansion. So this was the information about IKEA and its brief detail. If you want detailed information, then visit.

IKEA Headquarters

  • IKEA Headquarters Address: Leiden, Netherland.
  • IKEA Customer Service Number: 1-888-434-4532
  • IKEA Official Website: www.ikea.com

IKEA Near Me Location

Now, Here is the main Content who going to help you find out the nearest IKEA Stores or store easily. Because we give you the best way to search your location and find the smallest way to reach IKEA store.

Users have to do only one thing and the thing is users have to read this paragraph very concentrating to find nearby IKEA Store location. It is so easy with us because the information which we provide is so simple, and the language is also understandable, then users can understand easily.

As we know that IKEA Contribute all over the World then it is difficult to find the Store which is located near your residential area then this post information is more important to get the Near me the location and also used to find the directions.

I hope you can really use this post, and you achieve your location from your residential area. now Carefully Study this post to reach IKEA nearby store. As we know IKEA Corporation stated in the USA then first we need to find the nearby location in the USA.


Address – 441 16th Street, NW, Atlanta, GA 30363
Phone Number – 888-888-4532
Website – www.ikea.com
Open Hours – Monday to Sunday 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

IKEA Near Me Location [Google Map]

If users not able to see the Address of IKEA Store’s location which is located near them, then they have to check the below google map to find the way to connect the Store.

Here we give a Map which will be able to show you all USA IKEA Stores and Supermarket. Then we recommended taking the help of this map to see your nearest IKEA Supermarket address and the directions to reach your place. Now take a look at The Map below.

If users not interested to use Google map then we also give a simple steps second method which probably helps you find out the nearby store.

For this operation users need to follow simple Three or Four Steps which is give you below then Carefully Complete this steps you are able to see your nearby me Store in few Seconds. then follow the below steps.

Step 1: Visit the IKEA Store Finder Site Here
Step 2:
Enter your City name or Zip Code.

Step 3: Enter your State and press the Find Store Button.

Finally, you are done. Now, you are able to see the nearest all IKEA Store and you can securely find the way which is smallest and easy to take out at IKEA Store Comfortably.


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